sg3525 pin description

sg3525 pin description

sg3525 pin descriptionIn this article I am giving an sg3525 pin description. It is a pulse width modulated control circuit that is used to control switching power supplies and particularly helps in providing lower external parts count and improved performance.

SG3525 PWM is used in all sorts of power control and converter circuits such as DC-DC converters, DC-AC inverters and lamp dimmers.

It is mainly used in inverter applications and utilizes two main PWM outputs that are inversion of each other.

It is voltage control PWM controller in which feedback voltage is compared with reference value which then controls the duty cycle of PWM.

The on-chip +5.1 reference is modified to ±1% and the error amplifier that comes with both input common mode voltage range and reference voltage, helps in terminating the need of external resistors.

SG3525 Features

  • 100 Hz to 400 kHz Oscillator Range
  • Separate Oscillator Sync Pin
  • Operating voltage = 8 to 35V
  • 1V ± 1.0% Trimmed Reference
  • Adjustable Deadtime Control
  • Pulse-by-Pulse Shutdown
  • Dual Source/Sink Outputs
  • Latching PWM to Prevent Multiple Pulses
  • Input Under Voltage Lockout
  • Shut down facility features a pulse by pulse shutdown enhancement.

SG3525 Pins

SG3525 is a 16 pin integrated circuit.




2n5088 transistor datasheet




SG3525 Pin Description

SG3525 is a 16 pin IC and each pin has different function.


SG3525 Pinout

The SG3525 is a single package multi-function PWM generator IC, the main operations of the respective pin outs are explained with the following points:

Pin#1 and Pin#2: These are inputs of the built-in error amplifier of the IC. Pin#1 is the inverting input while pin#2 is the complementary non-inverting input.

Absolute Maximum Ratings

sg3525 pin out                  


It is important to note that if stresses exceed the above absolute maximum ratings, they can damage the device ultimately.

Similarly, if stresses are applied for maximum period of time, they can affect the device reliability.

Supply voltage and collector supply voltage is 40 V.

Maximum power it can dissipate is 1000 mW.





sg3525 pin description

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