Regulated +5V DC Power Supply

analyzing circuit DC 5 voltage regulator

hi to all today our post is 5 voltage power supply in proteus Almost all basic electronic circuits need to convert an unregulated AC into constant DC, in order to operate the electronic device. A regulated power supply is very essential for several electronic devices because the circuits employed in them have a fixed rate of current as well as voltage. The device may get damaged if there is any deviation from the fixed rate. The AC power supply is converted into constant DC by this circuit. By the help of a voltage regulator, unregulated output will be fixed to a constant DC voltage. The circuit is made up of linear voltage regulator 7805 along with capacitors and resistors with bridge rectifier made up from diodes. For building an unchanging voltage supply to confident that output reaches uninterrupted to the appliance, the diodes along with capacitors provide efficient signal to the circuit.

Component List of 5 voltage power supply in proteus:

Things that you will need to make this power supply are as follows

  • 12V AC Supply
  • LM7805 Regulator
  • Bridge Rectifier (50V, 1A)
  • Two 100uF capacitors
  • One Yellow LED
  • One Oscilloscope
  • Two DC Voltmeter
  • One AC Voltmeter


7805 dc voltage regulator in Proteus


Regulated +5V DC Power Supply

Circuit Analysis of 5 voltage power supply in proteus:


From this circuit diagram in Proteus you can easily analyze that it is very easy to implement this circuit in proteus as well as on veroboard. At the input we are supplying 12V AC but you can apply 220V AC at the input but it requires (220V-12V) step down transformer. For a more sable dc output you can increase the more capacitors in parallel with load after the regulator. During this circuit implementation in proteus never use the generic symbols in the circuit; otherwise it will not give any output.

Analyzing circuit DC 5 voltage regulator in Proteus 5 voltage power supply in proteus

5 voltage power supply in proteus



Circuit features:

  • Gives out well regulated +5V output, output current capability of 100 mA
  • Very simple and easy to build
  • Very stable +5V output voltage, reliable operation
  • Easy to get, uses only very common basic components
  • Needed output current + 5 mA
  • If you are going to pull out a few hundred miliamps (lower than 500mA) from it, you won’t need a heat sink for the regulator (5 voltage power supply in proteus).

Safety Precautions:


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  • The capacitors must have enough high voltage rating to safely handle the input voltage feed to circuit.
  • If you are going to pull out about 1 amp from this power supply, you will need a heat sink for the regulator; otherwise it will generate very high temperatures and possibly burn out.
  • To obtain the required output proper regulator should be selected; otherwise it will not give you the required output to the working electronic circuit.
  • You need a heat sinker along with regulator if you intended to draw 1A current from it. It will give you a proper dc output without being heated.

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