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The Bluetooth Shield integrates a HC-06 Serial Bluetooth module. It can be easily used with Arduino/Iteaduino for transparent wireless serial communication.

  1. Iteaduino/Arduino UNO compatible
  2. Up to10m communication distance in house without obstacle
  3. UART interface (TTL) with programmable baud rate (SPP firmware installed)
  4. Default baud rate: 9600, data bits: 8, stop bit: 1, Parity: No parity
  5. Default PINCODE:”1234”
  6. A full set of configuration commands
  7. On board PCB antenna
  8. FCC ID certificate
  1. Arduino Deumlanove/UNO
  2. Arduino MEGA
  3. ChipKit MAX32
  4. ChipKit UNO32
  5. FEZ Panda II
  6. Freeduino
  7. Iteadmaple
  8. Iteaduino
  9. Iteaduino ADK
  10. Iteaduino MEGA 2560
  11. Simple Cortex
  12. Seeeduino
  13. Seeduino MEGA
  1. 1 X Stackable Bluetooth Shield for Arduino (V2.1/Slave)

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