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Product Description

PIC Strawberry is basic 8 bit PIC microcontroller board with basic circuitry and functionality. The board can be used with a variety of add-on modules or your custom projects. It has USB connector that can be used to program the PIC18F4550 microcontroller or develop USB based applications that can act as USB slave devices. All I-O Lines along with 5vpower supply are available through conveniently located and labeled headers.


PIC  Microcontroller  Board in pakistan

  1. Microchip PIC18F4550 Microcontroller (You can use other pin compatible controllers as well)
  2. USB connector for USB based communication
  3. Comes pr-programmed with USB Bootloader so that it can be programmed using USB cable only
  4. On board external Power supply with 5V regulator
  5. All I-O lines available through headers along with 5V supply
  6. I2C EEPROM 24C64 (Or 24C08, 24C16, 24C32 etc)
  7. One programmable push switch
  8. Two programmable LED indicators
  9. In Circuit Serial Programming Header (Microchip Standard)
  10. Dual power supply (USB as well as External)
  11. USB communication lines, USB power, switch, LEDs and I2CEEPROM all can be connected and disconnected to microcontroller through DIP switch
  12. International standard FR4 double sided plated through hole PCB
  13. small size, 3.5 x 2.5 inches
  14. PIC  Microcontroller  Board in pakistan

USB Bootloader

Normally microcontrollers need an external hardware to transfer the application software (.hex file) from PC. PIC18F4550 has builtin USB module. We can first burn a small piece of software using a standard programmer into the chip. Then on every reboot, the controller first communicates over USB to its client program on PC, if the Connect button on client program is pressed within 15 seconds the controller gets into Re-programming mode, the client program takes new .hex file of your application and transfers it to the controller. The bootloader program inside the controller takes the new .hex file and writes it into the flash program memory. The control is then handed over to your application program and boot loader quits.

This is a convenient way of developing applications, as you just need USB connection with your Laptop and reprogram the board.

Since bootloader itself is a program, in case you accidently delete this, you can always put it back in your controller.

We use Mikroelectronica (www.mikroe.com) Bootloader with its client. The client program can be used as standalone application and you can burn the .hex file produced by any compiler like proton Basic, CCS, Hitech C ormikroelectronica compilers.


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