Product Description

Logic Voltage supply (VCC) can be in the range of 2.7-5.5VDC, while the Motor supply (VM) is Limited to a maximum Voltage of 15VDC. The current output is rated up to 1.2A per Channel (or up to 3.2A for a Short, SINGLE Pulse). Decoupling Capacitors are included on both supply Lines.

  1. Power supply voltage: VM = 15 V(Max).
  2. Output current: IOUT=1.2 A(ave) / 3.2 A (peak).
  3. Output low ON resistor: 0.5Ω (VM ≥ 5 V).
  4. Built-in thermal shutdown circuit and low voltage detecting circuit.
  5. Thermal Shutdown Circuit.
  6. Heat Radiation Design.
  7. Back-EMF protection.

The TB6612FNG is a motor driver IC for DC motor with output transistor in LD MOS structure with low ON-resistor. Two input signals, IN1 and IN2, can choose one of four modes such as CW, CCW, short brake, and stop mode.

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