Curret to Voltage Module In Pakistan




Product Description

Curret to Voltage Module In Pakistan

i to v  module in Pakistan

  • 0-20mA To 0-5V Current To Voltage Converter Module For Industrial Control

  • Product Introduction:

  • 1.Appearance Size;40*25*12mm

  • 2.Power Supply Voltage:DC 7-30V

  • 3.Input Current:0-20mA

  • 4.Output Voltage:0-5V

  • 5.Temperature Drifting:+/-100ppm/℃

  • 6.Ambient Temperature:-10℃~60℃

  • 7.Storage Temperature:-20℃~85℃

  • 8.Relative Humidity:10-90%RH

  • 9.Air Pressure:86-106Kpa


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