Product Description

Color sensor module -TCS230 in Pakistan


Color sensor module -TCS230 in Pakistan


Product Description:


The Color sensor module is a programmable color light-to-frequency converter, it could filter RGB data from source light and convert it to a square wave(50% duty cycle) with frequency directly proportional to light intensity (irradiance). The full-scale output frequency can be scaled by one of three preset values via two control input pins(SO, S1 Selectable Options 2%, 20%, 100% frequency),and pin S2, S3 control the filter of RGB. Digital inputs and digital output allow interface to a microcontroller or other logic circuitry directly. Output enable (OE) places the output in the high-impedance state for multiple-unit sharing of a microcontroller input line. At last, user ​​can calculate the color of the light by RGB values.



High-Resolution Conversion of Light Intensity to Frequency
Programmable Color and Full-Scale Output Frequency
Communicates Directly With a Microcontroller
Single-Supply Operation (2.7 V to 5.5 V)
Power Down Feature
Nonlinearity Error Typically 0.2% at 50 kHz
Stable 200 ppm/°C Temperature Coefficient

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