ME-8108 Mini limit switch In Pakistan

ME-8108 Mini limit switch In Pakistan




Product Description

ME-8108 Mini limit switch In Pakistan



ME-8108 Mini limit switch In Pakistan


Limit switch, compact design, long mechanical life.
Easy wiring with full open terminals.
High precision, high reliability
Dustproof, waterproof, oil proof construction (IP64)
Double circuit type
5A load current
Strong body with a combination of reinforced plastic and aluminum Die Casting components
Build in basic switch with double spring mechanism


Product Name mini : Limit Switch

Model No.      ME-8108

Actuator Action          Momentary

Actuator Type Rotary Adjustable Lever Arm with Roller

Contact Configuration           2 NC + 2 NO

Voltage Rating            AC250V, 5A      DC115V, 0.4A

Roller Dimension       ~1.8 x 0.7cm / 0.7 x 0.3″(D*H)

Lever Arm Length       ~11cm / 4.3″

Fixing Thread Diameter         ~0.4cm / 0.2″

Total Size        ~12.3 x 5.2 x 2.8cm / 4.8 x 2 x 1.1″(L*W*H)

Material          Resin, Plastic, Metal

Color   Blue, Gray, Black

Net Weight     93g

Package Included:
1 x ME-8108 Limit Switch

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