10DOF IMU sensor module in Pakistan




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10DOF IMU sensor module in Pakistan


10DOF IMU sensor module in Pakistan




3 Axis Accelerometer + 3 Axis Gyroscope + 3 Axis Magnetometer + Pressure Sensor on one board i.e.
ADXL 345+L3G4200D+HMC5883L+BMP085 sensors all in one board. There are also a 2.5V voltage regulator, the logic level converter circuit to make it work under the power of 3V-5V. Thanks to the logic level converter circuit, you can connect it with a 3V-5V MCU directly, just plug and play! Also every interrupt pin of the sensors is leaded out.





1. SIZE: 26.1mm*19.5mm
2. VCC: 3V-5.0V
3. Pin pitch: 0.1 inch
4. I2C communication

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