1- Closed loop analysis of Multilevel inverter FED drives
2- Harmonic reduction method for a single phase DC-AC converter without an output filter
3- Design and simulation of FIR digital filter of high-voltage
4- Deadbeat controller for bidirectional high frequency link
5- Improved Speed Control using Anti-Windup PI Controller for Direct Torque Control based on Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
6- A Comparative Study on the Speed Response of BLDC Motor Using Conventional PI Controller, Anti-windup PI Controller and Fuzzy Controller
7- Design of PID controllers in double feedback loops for SISO systems with set-point filters
8- Design of Phase Compensation for Solar Panel Systems for Tracking Sun
9- Simulink Implementation of Digital Cascade Control DC Motor Model- A didactic approach
10- PV tracking system – Perturb and Observe (MPPT) algorithm.
11- Optimal Under Frequency LoadShedding USING GENETIC ALGORITHM.
12- Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) using Matlab Simulink


  1. Sir i am looking in image processing matlab for my final year project of smart automated car parking system with programing usuing image processing technique kindlly need your guidance and help

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