Intelligent Energy Saving System

Intelligent Energy Saving System

Intelligent Energy Saving System
Intelligent Energy Saving System



Intelligent Energy Saving System, the aim of the project is to save the energy. In this project we are using various sensors, controlling and display devices.

However, in this project work the basic signal processing of various parameters which are temperature, LDR, Smoke sensor.

For measuring various parameters values, various sensors are used and the output of these sensors are converted to control the parameters.

The control circuit is designed using micro-controller. The outputs of all the three parameters are fed to micro-controller.

The output of the micro-controller is used to drive the LCD display, so that the value of each parameter can be displayed.

In addition to the LCD display micro-controller outputs are also used to drive a relay independently.

This relay energizes and de-energizes automatically according to the condition of the parameter.

We receive message on Mobile about fire Alert. This is done through smoke sensor.



  • To save the energy or power.
  • The automatic control of electric appliances in public gathering places.
  • To control the lightening system.
  • Automatic On and off the Fan and AC according to the room temperature using temperature sensor.
  • To keep alert about fire/short circuiting through smoke sensors.
  • To use this system for security purpose.
  • To see updated situation of temperature, heat, fire alert and lightening on LCD.
  • To receive message about fire alert on mobile.

 1.2 Scope of the Project


  • Keeping in mind the present energy crisis prevailing in Pakistan, our project will be milestone to country.
  • This project should be used in an industry and any place where energy is to be saved.
  • We can automate the lightening system through LDR.
  • Through temperature sensing mechanism, we can save machines from overheating in industries.
  • Through smoke detector, we can keep our industries, homes, offices, libraries and other people gathering places safe from fire/short circuiting.
  • We can use our project for security purposes.
  • By using GSM device, we will be aware of any parameters (Temperature, Smoke) of the place where this system is installed.

1.3 System Feature

  •       Easy operation
  •       Convenient
  •       Affordable

 1.4 Project phases

  • Schematic design and making circuit on wire board
  • Design and Interfacing Circuits for Micro controller
  • Assembling and Testing of Interfacing Circuits
  • Code for the Application
  • Debugging and Testing

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