HVDC Transmission & Monitoring

HVDC Transmission & Monitoring

(GSM Based)

GSM Module.
GSM Module.


Project has profound implications on a vast variety of fields. Basically we have used a GSM to gather data from HVDC transmission terminal. This data can be seen on GSM terminal and also on personal computer.

The main task of the system is the control and monitoring of the transmission from one point to another. This is performed by the control unit, which is programmed to perform the desired function.

Industrial Importance

This project can be implemented in various fields. Most important of which is, its application for long distance transmission. Where loses are reduced to much extent.

Block Diagram

Block Diagram.
Block Diagram.


  • }Undersea cables, where high capacitance causes additional AC losses.
  • }Facilitate power transmission between different countries that use AC at differing voltages and/or frequencies
  • }Power transmission and stabilization between unsynchronized AC distribution systems
  • Reducing line cost. HVDC needs fewer conductors as there is no need to support multiple phases. Also, thinner conductors can be used

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