Theme Of The Project:

Single Phase Transformer-1
Single Phase Transformer-1
Our project is a simulated to protect the transformer.

A protection system for single phase transformer will be designed and developed to protect the overload parameters such as Voltage, Current and Temperature using Global System for Mobiles.

A single phase transformer protection system will have facility to display these parameters on LCD. Using GSM system, these parameters will be transmitted to a distant location. If any of above parameters exceeded then the transformer will automatically off and protect from burns up, and a message will sent to the control unit. Hence we can totally control transformer and protect it with great efficiency.

Flow Chart

Flow Chart of Single Phase Protection Project-1
Flow Chart of Single Phase Protection Project-1


There are two main parts of our project


  • Transformer Design
  • GSM Module Interfacing


}Transformer is a static device which convert a.c electrical power form one voltage to another voltage form keeping the frequency same by electromagnetic induction

Types of Transformer by Application

  • Current transformer:-
  • A current transformer is a device for measuring a current flowing through a power system and inputting the measured current to a protective relay system.
  • A current transformer produces a reduced current accurately proportional to the current in the circuit, which can be conveniently connected to measuring and recording instruments.

Transformer Design

•Transformer is designed in our project
§Step down transformer
• Capacity of  transformer is 663VA


• Step down  transformer is taking 220V ac input from  WAPDA and is generating an output voltage of 110V.


• Core area of transformer is 5 sq. inch.

Designed values of step down transformer

Transformer Design-1
Transformer Design-1

Gsm Module:

•GSM Module is used
• Easy synchronization with PIC 18F452
• Use of AT Commands
• Usart_write



Benefits of GSM Part
§ Monitoring from mobile station
§ Controlling
§ Fault Alert
§ Setting of Voltage
§ Reduce manpower
§ Low cost


•This technique can be applied at the distribution end for the advancement and betterment of our power system


• GSM based monitoring can be used at NCC(National Control Centre)


• GSM system provides control with mobility

Areas Of Development

•For large scale monitoring and control of the power system elements, more than one microcontroller can be interfaced in parallel with the GSM module.


• Multiple GSM modules in parallel can be used which provides fast communication and operation facility.




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