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plc programming logic controllorHey everyone. I hope you will be fine. I have got this very cool project to work on and I really enjoyed while working on it so I thought to share it with you guys as well. The project was on PLC in which I have designed a water filling plant with conveyor belt. So in step by step tutorials I will explain the whole process in detail and at the end of this complete tutorial you will be able to do any kind of project on PLC. We are going to start PLC course which is not only beneficial for the instrument engineer but also for the beginners who are keep to learn PLC programming.

Today’s my first post on the PLC so I am gonna restrain myself to the basics only. I am using Fatek PLC in this tutorial but you can use any kind of PLC from any other vendor like Mitsubishi, Siemens etc. As all the PLCs has almost same basic features. I’m going to explain a briefly introduction of FATEK PLC. Then in the coming lectures, I will give you depth knowledge about how to do programming & use of PLC.

What is PLC ?

Microcomputer embedded in or attached to a device to perform switching, timing, or machine or process control tasks.

What Is Inside A PLC?

The components that make a PLC work can be divided into three core areas.

  • power supply and rack
  • central processing unit (CPU)
  • input/output (I/O) section



Why we Use PLC? 



  • Smaller physical size than hard-wire solution.
  • Easier and faster to make changes.
  • PLCs have integrated diagnostics and nullify functions.
  • Diagnostics are centrally available.
  • Accuracy and quality can be improved.
  • Applications can be duplicated faster and less expensively.


What PLC Features? 



  • Less cost to implement
  • Reliability
  • Speed
  • Greater functionality
  • Little or no cost to modify or upgrade system
  • Safety




The FATEK FBs Series PLC is a new generation micro PLC equipped with excellent functions comparable to medium or large PLC. Its model number is FBs 20MAR2 AC.


plc programming logic controllor





PLC Sections:



The figures below describe different sections of the FATEK PLC.




The supply from different devices is given at the input pins of the plc. Input pins status indicates which input pin is used currently. Similarly output pins status shows which output pin is used. Load is connected at the output pins of the plc.


Input power unit is used for 24VDC power input and digital inputbecause PLC I/O’s operate at voltages.Output power unit is used for main power input and digital output.


Connection port is used as communication port. PLC status section indicates that either it isin running mode or not as well as shows that are power is supplied to PLC for its normal operation.

I hope it will be helpful for you.Next time I will explain the software which we are going to use for its programming.

Any query related to this will be welcomed. Take care for the next time.




PLC Programmable Logic Controllor – Microsolution

Getting Started with PLC




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