electrical engineering final year projects in pakistan


Design and Implementation of controlling remote devices through power line transmission.



Our project is about the designing and controlling the remote devices through the power line transmission which we have in our homes, offices , industries,Grid Station etc.

Basic function is the sending and receiving of the data on the power lines  electrical engineering final year projects in pakistan

Aim Of The Project

  • Main objective to use the power lines as a medium for communication
  • To minimize the wiring cost for security purpose
  • This will also reduce the human efforts
  • It will enable us to control the switching of machines by the help of have two different controlling mechanisms.
  • To avoid any kind of sewer loss and accident

How it Works???


  • Collection of data from devices
  • Convert into digital form
  • Passes through filter circuit
  • Step up the voltages of the signal
  • Transmit data on the power line

 Block Diagram

electrical engineering final year projects in pakistan





How it Works???

At Base station it will perform following tasks

It collect signal from power line

Step down its voltage

Separation of the power and the
information signal

Convert to the Analog form and give it to


Block Diagram

block diagram of fyp

Hardware components

The Hardware components required are given below:

Lcd display 20×4

Isolation transformer 78250

Smoke sensor

Temperature sensor lm35












electrical engineering final year projects in pakistan

Final Year Projects in Pakistan

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