An electrical transfer switch that operates without the need for manual intervention is called automatic transfer switch. It is an electrical device that transfers the source of power being used from one power supply to another. Typically this transfer is between the local utility and emergency source of power and back. It maintains constant monitoring of voltage levels on the electrical circuit.



An electrical transfer switch is very useful now a day because when the main power source is disconnected, it will automatically transfer the power to another electric system. It can also be used when there are changes in voltage. If the voltage level changes, it can cause damage to the internal circuit of our appliances. There are many ATS available in the market with good features but these are much expensive and majority of people cannot afford to purchase it. It is very costly near about 25000 to 35000, which is not in the access of common people so we thought of designing such a type of ATS that should be affordable, reliable and with best features.


Aim of the Project:

It interfaces with a generator and building’s electrical system. It monitors the utility power and signals the generator to start iff as the utility power drops out entirely.

Backup power is now fed to the main utility panel or an emergency panel via ATS.


Function of ATS:


  • ATS has control and protection functions.
  • Voltage detection, communication interfacing and electrical & mechanical interlocking.
  • Intelligent type (display the power supply voltage, start generator).
  • When the utility power resumes, the transfer switch will transfer back to utility power and command the generator to turn off.


The features to be displayed:


  • WapdaON → Generator OFF
  • Wapda OFF → Generator ON
  • Generator self 1, 2 , 3 (timer)
  • Temperature sensor for the protection of generator from over heating.
  • Fuel checking gauge for generator.
  • If fault occurs in generator it can be displayed on LCD.
  • Power factor, line losses and available supply can also be displayed on LCD.


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