Load management and energy conservation are currently being considered and adopted by
many power utilities around the world. The common situation is the limited capacity of
energy resources and increasing demand. Electricity demand is increasing rapidly, as more
and more people are getting connected and appreciating the advantages of electrical energy.
Load management reduces peak electric demand during the hottest afternoons of the summer.
When the demand is increased, it is compulsory to manage the load properly, so different
techniques are used to manage the load. In this project, work is done to suggest a way of
managing the load according to capacity of grid. In this way load management is efficient
and accurate, which is reliable for the grid. Load management using parallel operation of
transformers is done in this project. Power load management enables energy utilities to
reduce peak loads and thereby save money. Due to the large number of different loads, power
load management is a complicated optimization problem. In the project work is done by
giving an idea to manage distributed load at grid, using four transformers of same wattage
which comes in parallel with respect to load. As load increases the transformers will be
connected in parallel to fulfill the demand of load. When there will be less consumption of
load then extra transformers will be disconnected automatically. By using this phenomenon
we can save the transformers from losses e.g. Eddy-Current losses, Hysteresis losses etc.
When there will huge demand for electricity and the grid would not be able to support the
load it will trip and an SMS will be sent via GSM to the authority.

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Block Diagram of Project


final year project in pakistan







electrical engineering projects final year












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flow chart final year project

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