Automatic Crash Imminent Braking and Precautionary Belt

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Most road accidents occur due to careless driving of drivers because of drowsiness. Our project provides Eye Blink Monitoring System (EBM) that will alert the driver in drowsiness and automatic braking system as well. A system for monitoring eye movements would be useful in warning drivers when they fall asleep. The driver’s eye is continuously monitored using an IR sensor. The normal eye blink rate will have no effect on the output of the system. If Driver fell asleep, then IR sensor receives abnormal blinking rate & an alarm will ring, to wake him/her up, a vibratory belt will provide vibrations to alert him and if still there is no response from driver then automatic brakes will b applied. The sensor part of the EBM system is implemented as a goggle. This goggle is to be worn by the driver while driving the vehicle.


This project involves measure and controls the eye blink using IR sensor. The IR transmitter is used to transmit the infrared rays in our eye. The IR receiver is used to receive the reflected infrared rays of eye. [1] If the eye is closed means the output of IR receiver is high otherwise the IR receiver output is low. This to know the eye is closing or opening position.  This output is give to logic circuit to indicate the alarm.

This project involves controlling accident due to unconscious through Eye blink. Here two eye IR sensors are fixed in a goggle where if anybody looses conscious then he will be alerted through alarm and vibration.

A vibratory Belt is used to provide vibrations to the driver in order to awake him.

Automatic Brakes will be applied if driver is still inactive.

The sensor part of the EBM system is implemented using a goggle. This goggle is to be worn by the driver while driving the vehicle. It will not act as an obstacle while driving.

Historical Background

The majority of car accidents are caused by bad driving : driver inattention, failure to merge or yield, speeding, racing, aggressive driving and failure to exercise care in passing. Accidents can be attributed to specific causes aside from poor driving itself include falling asleep, alcohol, drugs & drunk driving, driver distractions which includes cell phones, playing music, collisions with animals in the road usually deer, horses, cows and dogs etc.

It is found that Driver Fatigue and falling asleep at the wheel is a major cause of car crashes. Fatigue can be very difficult to identify as the source of accidents because estimates are made based almost solely on police reports, and driver statements [2]. It is estimated that 10-20% of fatal accidents and about 5 to 10% of all car accidents may be related to tired drivers Function:

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there may be as many as 100,000 crashes from driver fatigue each year, with an estimated 1,550 deaths, 71,000 people injured, causing $12.5 billion economic losses. These figures may be the tip of the iceberg, since currently it is difficult to attribute crashes to sleepiness. The drivers tend to sleep while driving due to tiredness caused because of several reasons. Presently no system has been implemented in the vehicle, though developed, to indicate or prevent Drowsiness/asleep of the driver. He has to take care while driving. Some drivers take strong tea before driving so that they would not fell asleep while some drivers avoids driving in such situations. This may create delay in reaching to the destination.



We can automatically park the car by first using Automatic braking system, which will slow down the car and simultaneously will turn on the parking lights of the car and will detect the parking space and will automatically park the car preventing from accident. By using wire-less technology such as Car Talk2000 If the driver gets a heart attack or he is drunk it will send signals to vehicles nearby about this so driver become alert[3].


System Model:

The block diagram depicts the total blue print of the proposed project. The total essence and the functioning of the project is represented in a single block diagram. The block diagram mainly consists of 4 parts. They include


  • Eye Blink Sensor
  • LM358 Comparator
  • PIC 16F877 Microcontroller
  • Buzzer
  • Vibratory Belt
  • Braking system


Block Diagram:


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Flow Chart

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 Parts of the System






final year projects

Automatic Crash Imminent Braking and Precautionary Belt


Automatic Crash Imminent Braking and Precautionary Belt




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final year projects



final year projects in lahore pakistan



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